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Foil Wreath DIY Ornament Tutorial

Time for the new DIY ornament tutorial I mentioned in this year's Christmas Tree Decor post! These gold foil wreath ornaments are the type of Christmas tree decor that can be used year after year by pairing it with accent color ornaments.

Foil wreath DIY ornament ideas

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I started by making a cardboard template of a leaf that I used to trace on the foil. This is not your regular kitchen foil, it’s this thicker one that feels sturdier.

Roll of aluminum foil for crafting

After tracing them, I cut them using regular scissors. I knew I wanted them to be gold, and my initial plan of using rub n buff on them failed, so I ended up spray painting them. In hindsight, I should’ve spray painted them before cutting them out. But you live and learn, and you will learn from my mistakes, right?

I used this spray paint, it has primer in it and the paint will not scratch.

Gold spray painted aluminum foil leaves

Once the paint was dry, I used a crochet hook to make the leaf “veins” and make it look a bit more realistic. This is how they looked:

How to make veins on aluminum foil leaves

I made a hole on each leaf so I could add a little “stem” made out of this wire. This is what you’ll use to put it all together.

Crafting a wreath with aluminum foil

After all my leaves had a stem, I attached them to a metal ring by twisting the wire around the metal ring until each leaf was secure. I used 12 leaves per ring.

Easy Christmas crafts for the Christmas tree

I felt like they were missing a little something, so I added a little bit of gold leaf to add some sparkle. They turned out beautiful! They are big but delicate, and they go with almost any color so I will use them year after year.

DIY Ornament - Gold wreath

Have you ever made Christmas tree ornaments? I would love to hear about them!

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I love this idea, gonna have to try to make it at home!

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