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5 Scrap wood projects to try today!

Scrap wood projects are the best way to get “rid” of scraps without feeling guilty plus they gave me the big satisfaction of making something beautiful out of trash.

Here are 5 of my favorite easy scrap wood projects that you can try this weekend! I made each one of them in 1-3 hours and still use all of them in my house!

Wood Plant Stand with pothos plant. Blue and rust living room rug. Gray TV stand.

White book ledge in girl bedroom. White walls in bright girl room. Kid bookshelves with colorful kid books.

Wood decor tray. Wood decor riser with a faux decor plant and a candle. Wooden beads for decorating

Cane inlay tray for home decor. Black and tan decor with a black vase and a string of pearls plant. Book decor with candle. Web caning decor.

Wood ladder as home decor. Blanket ladder for Christmas stockings. Red and tan Christmas stockings. Classic Christmas stockings


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