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Wall Mural for Girl Bedroom

Updated: Jan 23

I shared the finished big girl room in this post, but one of the most asked questions I receive is where did you get the pattern for the wall mural? The answer is: it’s a mix from online inspiration and my own ideas for this space.

Wall mural for girl bedroom. It can also work great in a nursery or as dorm wall art.

The first piece I purchased for this bedroom was the artwork. I selected several images and asked Zoe to pick one. She loves the beach and the colors of this one so she picked it for her bedroom.

Affiliate Links have been used in this post. The purchase of these products are at no additional cost to you and help me support my family and business.

That’s how I decided on a loose color scheme. I grabbed my paint color deck and decided on the colors. The colors I chose are:

Dishy Coral (SW 6598)

Youthful Coral (SW 6604)

Koral Kicks (SW 6610)

Lemon Meringue (SW 7561)

Waterfall (SW 6750)

Raindrop (SW 6485)

Reflecting Pool (SW 6486)

Now, I’m not the best painter when it comes to artwork, so I knew the pattern needed to be something very forgiving, with curves. I found murals similar to what I was looking for but to make mine, I had to modified the scale to fit the space.

I printed one that I liked the most and I needed to start by projecting it against the wall. Now, I don’t have a projector, so I had to project the wall mural pattern in a very ingenious way.

I had a piece of laminating pouch so I traced it on to it using a permanent marker. I have also used a sheet protector on a different project, so if you don't have laminating pouches, the sheet protector works great too!

To project it, I hung the laminating pouch on the closet that was across the mural wall. I taped some string and hung it using clothes hangers. I placed a flashlight behind it and when I turned it on, voila! The pattern projected perfectly.

Like I said, it initially didn’t fit my wall perfectly so I made some modifications and ended up with this pattern.

I traced it with pencil on the wall. When I was done, I started to paint.

The pencil marks were easy to cover, so there were no problems there.

I bought a sample of each color from Sherwin-Williams. Their samples sizes are bigger than other retailers, but with for a wall roughly the same size as mine (10x12), you won’t even use half of a SW sample.

I used this paintbrush to paint the entire wall. It is perfect to get crisp edges and I probably could’ve used a roller for the rest but it honestly wasn’t a tedious job.

You can use this pattern for little and big kid bedrooms, nursery accent wall, playroom wall mural, dorm decor, so many possibilities!


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