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DIY Coffee Table

Updated: Jan 23

If you read my living room design post, you know that I am planning a bright living space and I started by adding a DIY window trim and new window treatments.

Next, I wanted a new coffee table. While the kids were little, I decided to opt out having a coffee table and simply have a large open space for them to run and play. But now that they are a bit older, I finally decided to have a coffee table again. I did a lot of research and I couldn't find something that I like for the budget I had, so I decided to make my own.

Some of the things on my coffee table wishlist were:

-Round shape



-Kid friendly

So here's what I came up with:

Affiliate Links have been used in this post. The purchase of these products are at no additional cost to you and help me support my family and business

I bought a sheet of 3/4 inch maple plywood for the top. I really like the veins and color so this was the perfect material.

I knew I wanted a chunky top, so I decided that I would cut two layers of plywood to get that chunky effect.

I used my router along with this circle guide kit to cut two identical 48in circles.

After cutting the second circle I realized I would be running into a problem when attaching both circles. The weight of the top would be so heavy that it would run the risk of tipping over.

With two kids at home, I did not want to run that risk, so heres what I did. I took one of the circle and cut a hole in the center to leave a donut shape disk. That would give me the thick look I was looking for but also removed a lot of the extra weight I didn't want.

This is how they looked:

I clamped both part together and attached them using wood glue and my favorite star head screws.

To make it look like solid piece, I applied this maple edge banding (make sure your banding is the same type of wood as your top) and my iron and then trimmed it using an edge band trimmer.

Doesn't it look like a solid piece?

Now for the bottom part, I took the middle part that I cut from the donut shape circle I cut before and cut a smaller circle out of it. I also bought an unfinished pine circle and used 2x4s to make the base of the table. I cut three 18inch pieces of 2x4 and attached them using 2 inch screws.

Time to put it all together!

I attached the base to the top using 1 1/14in screws. I also bought a 2x4 piece of plywood , and cut it lengthwise to be the same size as the base of the table.

I then cut thin slats out of it that would go all around the base.

I used my brad nailer to attach the slats to the base, making sure they were level.

Now for the hardest part (for me at least!): picking a finish!

I am so indecisive when it comes to finishes! This time was no different. I'll spare you the details but I had to sand it two times because I didn't like the way the stain looked on it.

I ended up deciding to simply seal it using this flat sealer to highlight the grain and I am so glad I did!

This is it after a year of use (with kids sitting on it everyday and a dog jumping on it every once in a while). It still looks amazing!

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