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DIY Modern Window Trim

Updated: Jan 23

After planning my living room makeover, I decided to update our windows. One thing I for sure wanted to do was to trim the living room windows. The builder only had an apron and stool installed on each window (the piece of trim at the bottom-front), but I wanted something more substantial and decided to add casing to the entire window.

The goal is to make it look more "finished", and I was looking for straight and clean lines as opposed to a more detailed trim that leads on the traditional side.

Let me show you the before and after first. The picture below was after I framed our windows and added new window treatment.

And here is what we started with:

Affiliate Links have been used in this post. The purchase of these products are at no additional cost to you and help me support my family and business.

I started by removing all the trim using my trim puller. This is the same tool I used when I built my DIY closet shelves, and when I skim coated a wall. If you are planning a project and will need to remove trim, this tool will save you time and effort. (blurry photo courtesy of a video screen shot)

I also took down the blinds and taped the glass on the windows to get ready to paint them. I wanted black window frames and since replacing the windows is definitely not in our budget, I went for the next best thing: painting them.

I'll share that process on a separate post.

Once The frames were painted, I measured everything twice to avoid cutting mistakes. Our walls are textured and I wanted smooth sides, my two options were either skim coating them or covering them.

For the sake of time, I went with covering them. I cut long pieces of this brown wall panel and used construction adhesive and a few nails (using my nail gun) to attach them.

For the actual trim, I used 1x4x8 primed boards and 1x2x8 primed boards. I cut everything using my miter saw and nailed using my nail gun.

I followed with my favorite wood filler to cover all the nail holes and sanded it smooth once it was dry. After wiping everything with a tack cloth, I was ready to prime.

I used my favorite primer and a foam roller for a smooth finish. And for the corners, I went with my favorite angled brush (same one I used to paint my daughter's bedroom mural).

Once the primer was dry, I sanded with a fine grit sanding sponge to make sure everything was super smooth and painted using Sherwin Williams Urethane Trim Enamel color matched to the rest of the trim in our house. I also used this caulk to seal all the edges.

Adding these beautiful woven shades (super easy to install!) and these pleated curtains (I used this rod) was the cherry on top! It turned out even better than I imagined!


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1 comentário

Claudia Davis
Claudia Davis
05 de abr.

I love what you did with your window trim! I'm thinking of doing something similar. I would love to see how you painted your window frames black! Great job!

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