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Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Halloween decor is in full swing over here! I needed a new Halloween wreath and this was the perfect opportunity to DIY one. This time I wanted to try a new material and make a cool DIY with it. I have been loving creating dollar store crafts and this one turned out so cool!

I started with a metal wreath form from the dollar store.

Affiliate Links have been used in this post. The purchase of these products are at no additional cost to you and help me support my family and business.

And 4 packages of plastic Halloween eyeballs.

I laid everything on a sheet of parchment paper because the following material is pretty sticky. And then I got to work.

I used this expanding foam sealant to form the wreath and simply stuck the eyeballs to it. The foam is easy to work with, but it does get tacky fairly quick.

As soon as I covered the wreath form with the foam, I went ahead and placed the eyeballs making sure to space them equally.

I let it cure for 8 hours and then hung it from my favorite suction cup wreath hanger.

Look at how cool and creepy it looks! Would you give this a try?


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