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How to build a plant propagation station

With winter quickly approaching, it was time to finish the inside of our greenhouse. We build it along our DIY Kitchen Garden earlier this year, but the brutal heat stopped us from working on the interior and we left it as a project for the fall.

how to build a propagation station

After painting the beams (SW Palisade) and the floor black (SW Tricorn Black), we started working on the back wall.

This is the wall everyone sees when the door opens, so I knew I wanted something pretty back there.

I am obsessed with propagating plants from cuttings, so this wall was the perfect spot to make a propagation station.

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I was looking to do this on a budget, so I used these furring strips to make the frame. They are cheap boards used for construction and they’re not the smoothest/straightest, but I was able to find some good boards at the hardware store.

hispanic woman holding a piece of lumber

For the back, I bought 1x4 boards to give it a little more height.

After cutting everything to size, I used my drill and a Forster bit to make 1 in holes equally spaced. You could also use a spade bit; however, Forster bits tend to make cleaner cuts with less rips.

unfinished wood boards with holes. Materials needed for a propagation station

After sanding, I decided to stain; and I’m so glad I did! I used this pre-stain, this stain, and this product as top coat.

How to stain wood with a staining pad

Once they were all dry, I assembled them by clamping them together and using my drill and these screws.

Woman putting together shelves for propagation station using clamps and a drill.

I used the same screws to attach them to the greenhouse and it was finally time to fill them up!

These are the glass tubes I used.

Hispanic woman standing in front of modern propagation station. Greenhouse intertiors.

I’m happy to report that I’m already seeing baby roots!!! Plus it looks beautiful so it was a perfect form + function project!


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