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Laundry Room Makeover

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

This laundry room makeover was the home project that started my love for home DIY. We've talked abut the DIY outdoor kitchen being my longest project, but this laundry room renovation was my first woodworking project ever!

I was in serious need of laundry room organization, but the last drop that made me want to do a laundry room renovation was an upper cabinet door hinge that broke.

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Laundry room organization project

I started by removing everything from under the countertop. I went ahead and removed the baseboards. Then I measured the space and built a base for the built ins.

I secured the base to the wall studs.

Once it was time to build the cubbies, I got some 3/4 in plywood and started cutting all the pieces. I used my KregJig to make concealed pocket holes, and in addition to screws, I used this wood glue to make sure everything was as secure as possible.

This is how they looked once I assembled them.

The next step was making sure they fit in the space. I was so happy to see that everything fit perfectly in place! To make things easier, I primed and painted the inside of windows he cubbies before installing them. And then once installed, I secured the cubbies to the base and the walls using these screws.

Time for the trim! Installing trim always takes built ins to the next level. I used 1x2 primed trim on all the edges. I also lined the extra space under the sink using 3/4in plywood.

I attached all the trim using my 18 gauge nail gun.

After that, I filled all the nail holes using this wood filler and sanded everything well using a 180 grit, followed by a 220 grit sanding sponge. I like this pack of sanding sponges because it comes with all the grits I need!

I also removed all the upper cabinet doors and sanded the upper cabinet frame enough to take off the sheen. Then I primed and then painted everything using SW Krypton.

These cabinet door pulls were the final touch!

Would you like to learn how to build things? What would you build first?


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