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Teachers' Lounge Makeover: Kitchenette

You can read more about this project in this post.

One of the most important areas of this room is the kitchen area. This is where all the teachers store their food and heat it up at lunch time. Some of the most requested items were additional fridge space and multiple heating devices.

They also mentioned that they host monthly potlucks, so having ample seating/eating area was on the top of our list.

We decided to create a brand new kitchenette and eating area from scratch in order to optimize their space and have a better flow within the room.

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We had a dedicated space for the stacked microwaves, bought a new convection oven, as well as a nugget ice maker.

We started this section's makeover by buying and installing stock cabinetry that would be the base for the new kitchenette. We wanted to make sure the teachers would have ample storage for all their food and kitchen devices and tools.

Erinn and Vanessa made sure the cabinets we securely attached to the walls.

After painting them, we cut some melamine countertops to size and attached them to the cabinets.

It was starting to take shape!

We used this beautiful peel and stick tile as a black splash and I have to say it is one of my favorite parts of this space!

Because we were working on cinder block walls, we were afraid the peel and stick tiles would not adhere properly. Monica stuck them to a piece of brown wall panel that we then adhered to the cinder block using construction adhesive.

Vanessa Installed these shelves where we added faux plants and stored the utensils.

We added lots of fridge space by using two regular fridges side by side and flipping the doors on one of them to make it look like a double door fridge. It looked incredible!

Follow along for the next part of this makeover: the eating area.

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