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Teachers' Lounge Makeover with The White House!

I worked with the White House! Wait what?? Yup, you read that right, I worked with THE White House on a project; let me explain.

I have been working on growing my Pinterest presence since 2020 and I was invited to their Creator Residency program earlier this year where I learned so many things about creating content on the platform!

Around mid August this year, I received an email from Pinterest asking me if I would be interested in working on a very special project with a high profile public figure. I was intrigued to say the least, and after signing confidentiality paperwork they let me know it was a project with the First Lady of the United States! This project was part of a collaboration between the First Lady and Pinterest to honor our incredible teachers.

The task? They needed me to lead a teachers lounge makeover for some deserving teachers. The caveat? The time frame was TIGHT. They needed the makeover to happen in a weekend. The time frame was too tight to tackle it on my own. So I asked if I could bring help, and when they said yes I immediately knew I wanted to bring my amazing husband who is my helper when I need an extra set of hands here at home. I also asked my friend Monica to join me together with her team (Erinn and Vanessa).

The location changed a few times before landing on the final one: Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy, a trauma informed school that had gone through a difficult few years. We landed on Knoxville on a Wednesday evening, but we were not able to actually see the room or take measurements until Friday. We didn't even know which school it was until Thursday evening! Talk about a tight timeline! We shopped for some basic furniture to get us ahead and started to plan the possible projects.

On Friday morning, we went to take a look at the school, took measurements, and got to work.

Part of the planning was creating zones within the lounge. The plan was to create a kitchenette, an eating area, a relaxing or zen area, a charging/storage area, and a lounging area.

Stay tuned for the blog posts on each area

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