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Types of Pinterest Pins

Pinterest marketing is a great tool for bloggers as well as content creators and businesses. Although it has been around for years, there has been an increased interest on how to create content in the platform lately.

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One of the main comments I get is "I have been using it for years but I'm not sure how to actually create content!"

The first thing I recommend is to get familiar with the types on content you can create on Pinterest. Once you have that down, it will be easier to decide what type on content you want to create and how to do it.

Here are the types of Pinterest content you can create:

  • Photo

  • Video

  • Collections

  • Rich Pins

  • Try On Pins

  • Idea Pins

  • Paid Partnerships

-You are probably most familiar with Photo or Standard Pins, they are the most common type of Pin and most likely what you have seen on the platform. They are static photos and usually drive engagement to a website.

-Video Pins are dynamic and can tell a more comprehensive story. They have a cover image and play directly in the user's feed.

-Collections are multiple pages of static pins within the same post. They can link to one or multiple websites and cannot be promoted.

-Rich Pins contain metadata with certain information from a website such as the author, ingredients of a recipe, stock details, etc.

-Try On Pins are posts that use augmented reality to virtually try on products.

-Idea Pins are in platform pins that do not lead to an external website. They can be a photo or video and can have one or multiple pages. This post explains how to create Idea Pins.

-Paid Partnerships are Idea Pins where you have used the Branded Content tool to disclose a commercial relationship with a brand or partner.

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