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How to create Idea Pins

With Pinterest marketing getting plenty of attention, many people have been interested in creating Idea Pins. Don't know how to create an Idea Pin? Follow this Idea Pin tutorial and you'll feel like a Pinterest expert in no time!

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Note: You need to have a business account in order to create Idea Pins, so make sure you create a business account or convert your personal account to a business one before getting started.

Start by opening your Pinterest app and clicking on the + sign at the bottom

That will open up the option to create different types of pins. Select the Idea Pin option.

That will take you to the media selection screen. You can Record videos of up to 60 seconds, take pictures, or upload media from your device. You can also select previously saved drafts to continue editing them.

You have the option of selecting the speed of your videos, use a timer, set a recording time limit, use flash, or flip the camera.

To make video transitions smoother, they added the media alignment function. By clicking on the ghost icon (bottom right), it increases the transparency of your media so that you can align them.

Once you have uploaded all your media, it's time to add your title, overlays, music, etc. By clicking on the red Next button on the top right corner, you will be taken to the customization screen. You will find all your customization options like text, music, voice over, stickers, drawing tools, and filters at the bottom.

If you need to add additional pages (I highly recommend it!), you can click on the Pages button and record/upload additional media.

If you need to tag another account you can do it by clicking on the sticker button and selecting @mention. You can also link products (yes, including affiliate product links) by clicking on the tag product button.

They recently added the options of linking a Pinterest board, as well as adding a question box. Any questions people ask will be posted as comments which is incredibly helpful!

Once you've done all your customization, you can click on the red Next button again and it will take you to the last screen before posting. This is one of the most important steps because you will input all the details that will let Pinterest know what your post is about!

The first field is the title. You can enter a maximum of 100 characters. Try to use them all and make sure it conveys what your post is about. The title is the only text seen below your post when it appears on Pinterest users' feeds.

You can also select a cover for your Idea Pin by clicking on the pin thumbnail and selecting the part of the video you want to use as the cover.

Then come the Idea Pin details. The most common mistake I see is people leaving this field blank! Again, this is you opportunity to let Pinterest know what your content is about.

When Pinterest understands your content, it knows who/where to show it and directs it to the people interested in that topic. You have up to 500 characters for the Idea Pin details, make sure you do your best to explain what your content is about!

Then comes the board. Ideally, your Idea Pin topic and the board it is being saved to should be related. This means you need to have a board for each of your pin topics instead of saving to generic boards that don't clearly denote what type of content it stores.

We are almost there!

Then come the Tags. Keep in mind that Pinterest tags do not work the same as other social platform tags. These tags are not hashtags and they are preset by Pinterest. That means that you can only select tags on not create new ones.You can add up to 10 topic tags to your Idea Pin to reach people searching for similar topics and ideas.

Finally the advanced settings option, where you can toggle the comments option to allow people to comment on your post, allow people to share their "takes" (showcase their own projects inspired by your Idea Pin), add a brand partnership label, and select if you want Pinterest to show shopping recommendations based on your Idea Pin.

Once all the fields are ready, you can publish you Idea Pin by clicking on the red Publish button on the bottom right.

Once published, this is what Pinterest users will see. On the right, there will be the option to like, share, comment, save, and share a "take".

Below is what your Idea Pin will look side from your account. Instead of the Save button, you will see the Pin Stats icon. By clicking on it you will be able to see the number or impressions, pin clicks, saves, follows, profile visits, and the boards your Idea Pin has been saved to.

Are you ready to improve your Pinterest performance? Book a Pinterest consultation with me to create a Pinterest strategy that will take your account and Pinterest marketing to the next level!

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