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DIY Bells at the White House

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

For the first few days of volunteering, we split up into teams and got to work on crafts for each room of the White House.

The rooms assigned to my team were the Green Room and the East Room. The Green Room's theme for this year was bells. Bells and music represent the unifying power of music, and we crafted and painted hundreds of them!

Here are some of the easy crafts that you can easily recreate at home and have a little piece of the White House holiday decor right in your home.

First, the plastic cup bells. We used some plastic cups and plastic shower rings to created these pretty bells.

We painted the plastic cups with some brown spray paint as the base color.

We used a drill to make two small holes at the bottom of the cup to attach the shower ring.

Using craft sponges and some paper towels, we dabbed gold paint and let it dry. We then gave it an additional coat and once the paint was fully dry, we

We used floral wire to attach a plastic shower curtain ring, and we had a beautiful bell ready to be hung.

We also used dollar store plastic planters to make bells.

We followed the same process of spray painting and dabbing gold paint, and using floral wire to hang them.

And we also used ready made bells from the dollar store and aged the using the same gold paint for a uniform look.

Do you have a favorite one?

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