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White House Holiday Decorating

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

A couple weeks ago I decorated the White House for the Holidays. Yes, the most famous house in America, it was an incredible opportunity!

I was one out of more than 150 volunteers who helped deck the halls at the White House, along with my husband Hugo and a handful of friends.

Here's a picture of my friends and I just before going into the White House to decorate.

Before this year, I didn't even know this was a volunteering opportunity! But remember the Teachers' lounge renovation from a few months ago? Well, I met some friends who let me know this is actually a public volunteering opportunity so I immediately jumped on it.

Every year, the White House releases a public statement with a link to the application form. A few weeks later the selected applicants are notified.

Dr. Biden's theme for this year is We, the People, and there are so many meaningful details in the decor with the intention of celebrating the people in this country.

I do not have a lot of footage of the volunteering itself, but I did capture some of the crafting that went into the beautiful decorations (like DIY bells, snow balls crafts, foil flowers, and more!).

Stay tuned for the tutorials!


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