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DIY Outdoor Kitchen Frame

Updated: Jan 23

Let’s talk about our DIY outdoor kitchen. This has been my longest project to date but also one of my favorite ones! Not to mention one of my most popular pins that helped me reach the growth I mentioned in my previous post.

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How to build an outdoor kitchen frame

I did a lot of research and saved lots of inspiration to my Pinterest boards and then made a plan.

Our grill lasted us for 8 years and it was time for a new one but we loved it so much we bought the exact same model!

I used it’s measurements and adapted them to my built in plans. I also bought this beverage fridge.

I started out by cutting all my frame pieces and assembling them. I used pressure treated wood for the parts that would be even slightly exposed to the elements and regular wood for the parts that would be covered by other materials.

Tutorial on how to build an outdoor kitchen

My best friends during this process were my miter saw, my Kreg Jig, and my drill. I applied lots of wood glue to make the frame even stronger. The type of screws you use are also very important. I made sure to use these outdoor screws with a star head to avoid stripped screws.

outdoor kitchen frame

Measure twice and cut once! Making sure you have the exact measurements is super helpful when assembling the frame.

Stay tuned for part 2: Countertops!


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1 Comment

Manoj Patel
Manoj Patel
May 16, 2023

How'd you create the plan? Was there a tool that helped design it?

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