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Easy Painted Christmas Tree Ornaments

One more Christmas tree decor coming your way! You already know I love making my own Christmas tree ornaments like these wooden ornaments and these faux iron nutcrackers.

This year was not the exception. Finding big ornaments on a budget seems harder and harder every year, so making my own not only gives me unique ornaments, but also saves me money!

Hunter green Christmas tree decorations

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I had these old ornaments gathering dust in the attic. I bought them years ago but the color wasn’t my favorite so they stayed in storage year after year. When I saw this spray paint color, I knew it would be perfect for them!

How to paint old Christmas Ornaments

I gave the a light coat of this spray primer, and followed with this deep green spray paint in glossy sheen.

How to paint old ornaments

I also bought this chiffon ribbon and made bows to hang on the tree. They were the perfect finishing touch!

easy DIY ornament ideas

There’s one more DIY ornament I made for this tree. It’s these golden foil wreaths! Stay tuned for the tutorial coming up soon!

DIY Golden wreath ornament

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1 Comment

I love that you dont have to buy all new ornaments! Thanks for the idea!

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