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White House Christmas Decorating 2023

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

I got the amazing opportunity of being a White House volunteer decorator again this year! I shared about my experience last year (as well as how to apply) in this post.

The theme this year was "Magic, Wonder, & Joy", and you will probably hear me say the word "magical" a million times because that is exactly how I felt when I walked through those doors on Monday morning during the reveal.

Hispanic woman standing in front of Abraham Lincoln portrait in the White House State Dining Room. White House State Dining Room Christmas Decorations.

The inspiration behind the beautiful decor is the way children perceive the festive season. Each room in the White House displays design elements that will bring out your inner child.

From the East Colonnade with the floating candy and sweet treats,

White House East Colonnade Christmas decor 2023. Hanging candy Christmas decorations

To the Ground Floor Corridor with the vintage mailboxes and floating letters to Santa, and much more!

White House Christmas decor 2023. Vintage red mailboxes as Christmas decorations with floating letters to Santa.

I worked alongside 300 other volunteers to create the whimsical decor. The volunteers are divided into groups and assigned different rooms and tasks. My team leader was Emily Barton, a wonderful artist who does art and commercial display installations.

I was also lucky to work alongside some very talented creators who volunteered as well. Among them, there was my friend Vanessa from First Gen House. She will be sharing about her experience as a White House Volunteer as well, so go check out her blog too!

I worked on some of the details in the East Room which displayed all sorts of advent calendars that represent the joyful anticipation of the holidays.

Christmas at the White House. White House East Room Christmas decorations 2023. Advent Calendar Decor.

I also worked on some of the details of the Library, which displays the tradition of bedtime stories through a peaceful scene of a child's bedroom.

White House Christmas Decorations 2023. White House Library Christmas decor with a bedtime story display.

You can follow along on social media as I share photos and videos of this wonderful experience!


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