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How To Make 3D Paper Stars

Christmas is around the corner and kids will be out of school in no time. I need all the craft ideas to keep them busy! I learned how to make 3D paper stars at the White House a couple weeks ago and I'm sure they will enjoy making them for our Christmas decor!

This idea stemmed from the First Lady's love of reading, her paper stars at the White House were made out of book pages and looked beautiful in the Library Christmas decor at the White House.

Red paper star on Christmas tree

My son requested a superhero themed Christmas tree in his room, so I used red paper to make the stars.

What you need:

5 square pieces of paper


Something I love about these stars is that you can easily change the size by using bigger/smaller pieces of paper. For my son's Christmas tree, I used one sheet of paper per star and cut it into 3.5in squares.

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I use and love this handy paper trimmer for precise cuts.

How To:

Start by folding the paper diagonally. When you open the paper, you will see the crease that will guide your next fold. You will end up with this diamond shape:

Tutorial on how to make a paper star

Next, you will fold the top part down and fold the top corners toward the center.

Tutorial on how to make a paper star

You will need to do the same with all 5 pieces of paper.

Once you're done, you will glue the flap you got on that last fold on all 5 pieces.

Tutorial on how to make a paper star

Time to assemble:

I used hot glue this time but school glue also works great, specially if you're making them with little ones.

Each piece will be one point of the star, and you will start glueing them to each other until all 5 pieces are glue together.

Tutorial on how to make a paper star

Once the glue is dry, your star is ready!

Tutorial on how to make a paper star

You can use them as decor, place on the tree, or hang them from the ceiling!

I used a bit of hot glue and a piece of floral wire to secure them to my son's tree.

Tutorial on how to make a paper star

Aren't they pretty? I hope you have fun making lots of this with your family!

Easy Christmas tree ideas for kids using paper stars


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