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DIY Rosette Ornaments

You might have read about my experience being a volunteer decorator at the White House this year and last year. It was such an honor and there was so much inspiration!

I showed you how to make paper stars and today I'm bringing you a new craft idea inspired but the White House Christmas decor: DIY Rosette Ornaments!

A white Christmas tree with handmade silver rosette ornaments

I saw paper rosettes being used in different rooms in the White House and thought I would try my hand at them.

Paper Rosette - Christmas Ornament
Emily Barton Designs - White House Christmas Decorations 2023

Gold Rosette Ornament
Gold Star Christmas Tree at the White House 2023

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I used crafting foil instead of paper and they turned out so pretty!

I started by cutting strips of foil and zig zag folding them.

DIY metal ornament idea

After carefully opening them, you should get a fan shape. You will need two fans to make a rosette.

DIY ornament ideas

I used hot glue to join them and added a tiny bow in the front. I also added a small circle in the back and some floral wire to attach the rosettes to the Christmas tree.

Rosette ornament idea

You can use, book pages, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, etc! The options are endless!

DIY Rosette Ornament idea


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